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Pre-Nuptial Wedding Photos (Mark & Aya)

If you’re having a problem deciding whether or not you should get a professional photographer for your wedding…The best advice is YES! Invest in a good photographer, after all, these are memories you would want to keep and its best if you look good on it. It would be cheaper to hire someone who is working in your locality. That way you don’t have to spend extra cost for their travel fare and accommodations. Don’t just trust their word for it, check out their work and ask previous clients for their opinions. Most professional photographers would most likely have their works published on the internet. Research, research, research to get the best deal.  It is pricey but it would be well worth it. Hire someone you can get along  and have fun with, in most cases the subjects look posed and unnatural, because they are not comfortable with the set-up. Or the photographer can be uptight. It really helps to have a good working relationship with your suppliers. So its nice to get to know the photographer as well.

When I was looking for a photographer for our wedding, I asked family and friends if they had recommendations. I went around Photoshops asking for quotations and packages. Our good friend Bevs knew we were trying to find a good photographer and gave us the name of Ron Garcia. I looked him up on facebook and saw that he was very good at taking pictures. Part of his portfolio was a wedding he took months before our wedding and it was really impressive. I got on the phone and called him up, I literally woke him up from his sleep. I said i was sorry for waking him up but we agreed to meet in their studio.

Most of his previous shoots were fashion shoots, he has had only one (1) wedding contract before us, I believe it was because of this that we got a good deal.

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It started with a Crush…

Dear Alf and Aye,

Thank you for the great opportunity to assist you on your wedding day. Enjoy your Honeymoon! Praying for wonderful years ahead as a married couple. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Co!

From the L&W Team


Alf and Aye

22 July 2017

Mary the Queen Church

Hanging Gardens Events place

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The Brinosaurus (Bride + Dinosaur)

Bridezillas; long before my own wedding day the factors behind this phenomenon totally escaped me.  These are regular women, involved with their love lives, careers, kids (if they have), family and others, but months before their wedding day they turn into this savage, rude and loud creatures. Women who become so obsessed on making their wedding perfect. There is even a show dedicated to this phenomenon entitled “Bridezillas”. How could ONE day in a girl’s life turn a nice person (I’m assuming this isn’t normal behavior to them) into this?

Bridezilla!Its very amusing watching the brides on the show. Having seen all that drama and tantrums, I’ve decided that I won’t be like these women on my own wedding or during the preparations. You’re probably thinking, “let’s wait and see”, well I never turned. I somewhat remained human all throughout the preparations. But I am not without flaws, I did have an episode. A day before the wedding I got really frustrated with the gown and I broke down infront of my groom-to-be. It wasn’t a big scene or anything, I excused myself and went into my brother’s room. I just sat there and cried…sobbed. I did feel the urge to throw something but I thought it better not to, I figured I’d be the one cleaning up the mess anyway.

Most of us muse at the unbelievable antics that these women show. I for one enjoy seeing them having their tantrums but I do not want to be on the receiving end of that.

In the season I episode 5 of Cake Boss, Buddy had to deal with a totally nutcase bride. From the time they were discussing the cake she was really rude and mean to her mom, and she had no shame in it. She even said that if the cake wasn’t great that she would shove it in her mom’s face! She was so disgruntled and frustrated that her mom wouldn’t let her have her “DREAM WEDDING”…in the DESERT with camels! Her mom preferred she get married in the traditional way. I don’t mean to judge, but her mom seems to have a point and she means well. I suppose getting married under intense heat with sand in my toes isn’t my cup of tea.

Before the wedding business joined the bandwagon of commercialism, Brides to-be were the symbol of purity, chastity, innocence, kindness and everything nice.  Commercialism has put on a pressure in today’s wedding scene. there is so much pressure preparing for a wedding nowadays, you can’t just get hitched that easily anymore. It is this very factor that most wedding suppliers capitalize on.

ALL Brides wants and hopes for a perfect wedding, but no matter how much you plan, it never always goes perfect. Not even with the presence of wedding planners and wedding coordinators.

In this digital age, people want to capture everything with their cameras…EVERYTHING! The Mishaps in a wedding are no exemption, especially the mishaps in the wedding. Even something so menial as a broken nail, expect that to end up online. So can we blame the ladies for acting crazy on their day?

Unsolicited Advice: The thing is, how can you enjoy the most beautiful (supposedly) day in your life if you can’t relax? if you cry at the tiniest detail? These mishaps are to be expected, you cannot control these factors. So just let it slide and enjoy the day. Stressing yourself will only invite negative vibes. After all, cliché as it may sound, You only get married once…or maybe twice…

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The Empress’s New Clothes

Taffeta Strapless A line Pick up Skirt with Ch...

Image by janniery via Flickr

The Gown… So you got engaged…your happy, what can be more blissful than the state you’re in right now? None! Then it dawns on you…The Dress! What design do I want? Where do I purchase the gown of my dreams? How much will it cost us? I have to look good on my wedding day!

You, and the gown, as it is for centuries now (I believe), is the most crucial part of the event. You in that gown make you the centerpiece of the day. It’s what every girl, every lady, every woman, and every gay guy is thinking about as you make your entrance. Your walk down the aisle is the most anticipated part of the wedding. No pressure here.

In choosing the designer, always ASK. Make sure that the designer you’re hiring has the same taste as you do.  Rummage through wedding magazines and wedding websites if you need suggestions on the design. When you go to the designer always take the wedding gown picture with you. You’re probably thinking, “Oh I’ll simply describe the dress and he/she will get it”. Trust me, don’t! There are times that it may seem that he or she got it but that’s not much of an assurance, is it? Don’t just rely on that. Discuss and explain the details you want for your dress, ask for suggestions or ideas from the designer, this will give you an idea if he/she knows how to do the job. Always check their work, don’t just take their word for it, and ask for a portfolio. Or check if they have an ongoing project in the shop. If the design doesn’t suit your taste, try and find another designer to do your dress.

Gowns cost a fortune, you’re willing to pay the price tag might as well get your money’s worth. It pays to be critical and vocal about what you think, their mistake is your lost. So choose well.

Then again, it never hurt anyone to rent a gown.

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The Wedding Checklist

While preparing for a wedding, it is best to have an idea of what to do first. Consulting former brides or the Internet for checklists is a wise move.  Look online for websites that cater to weddings. Try to research on the essentials of getting married. Find out what are the requirements? If you are both working, you may ask family members to follow-up on certain personal documents such as baptismal certificates and birth certificates, these are some authenticated, government-issued documents that may be done by a family member. To be sure, prepare an authorization letter and an Identification card to be presented to these offices.  Start calling suppliers to canvass prices. Don’t just settle for one supplier, keep asking around to get a better deal. One advice I got from a former bride is get a professional Photographer and Videographer, think of it as an investment to keep your wedding memories alive.

For your suppliers like the Photographer or Videographer, always check their work. It helps to know what camera they are using if you wish to get the best quality. make sure to get all your supplier’s contact details.

For your gown, if your on a tight budget, renting a gown is not a crime. Its how the gown fits you and how you carry yourself during the wedding that matters. Some brides think that they wish to have their own customized gowns, but after a wedding, unless you have the gown revamped into another white dress there is really nowhere else you can use it. Except perhaps during a costume party that has a wedding theme…yup! unlikely.

So here is a list; a guide for your wedding.

Checklist and To-do list for the Wedding Ceremony:

Ocular Location

Make-up Artist – make sure to schedule a day to test the make-up




  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Attendant’s Bouquet
  • corsage/Bouquets for female sponsors
  • Boutonnieres for the men
  • Church/Ceremony isle decor
  • Altar’ flowers

Bridal Gown

Groom’s Attire

Maid of honor’s gown

Bridesmaids’ gowns

Groomsmen’ attire


Wedding Rings

Candles (Unity Candles)





Assign the Ceremony Commentators/ Lectors/ Readers

If you wish to have a Priest friend or Reverend to do your wedding, they usually require that you make a letter for this request.

Bridal Car and Guest Transportation

The Choir or Singers

Wedding documents (i.e. Marriage License)

Checklist and To-do list For the Wedding Reception

Ocular the site

Make sure to get all contact details of the Venue’s contact person

Registration (Guest book)



Sound System

Reception Program

Wedding cake

Table Numbers

Sitting cards or escort cards



Hair and make-up stylist

Wedding Favors

Gift Table



Thank you notes

Note for consideration

Parking area for guests

Food for the guests while they wait for the program to start

Preparation area for Bride and Entourage

Food for Suppliers

Gifts for Principal sponsors

Gifts for Entourage

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Wedding Budget: Saving for a rainy day!

Here is the downloadable version that you may use as a guide. Click This Wedding Budget worksheet

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